Our Mission


Community Centre Russian House works to strengthen, nurture, and promote Russian-speaking community and Russian culture by providing informational, educational, recreational, and cultural programs and support for members of the community and general public.
We aspire to preserve and broaden cultural values of Russian-speaking Canadians by involving community forces into social and cultural programs, directed at realization of social and cultural demands, as well as creative, scientific and educational initiatives.

Russian House Community Centre unites and supports Canadians whose native language is Russian, at the same time helping them to integrate into multifaceted and multinational Canadian society. We aim at helping members of Russian-speaking community in expanding their abilities and talents, meet their cultural needs, and access required information and education essential for success in their new environment.


To unite, support and comprehensively develop Russian-speaking community while fostering integration into Canadian society. 


  • Unity and cooperation of the community for social and cultural improvements (addressing issues within the Russian-speaking community in GTA, Informational and program support for members of the community and general public)
  • Fostering self-realization of Russian-speaking people (Programs for youth involvement, professional development and seniors support)
  • Community support and orientation of newcomers (Comprehensive programs for newcomers)
  • integration into Canadian society


  • To become visible as a community by creating awareness of community problems and issues
  • To collaborate on multiple levels with Canadian organizations in realizing our mission
  • To foster healthy community relations and joining the efforts of various Russian-speaking organizations for reaching of common goals in supporting community
  • To preserve and share cultural wealth by introducing our traditions and culture to general public

Immediate Goals

  • Research and compile general database of the community and RH members, as well as their current situation and requirements
  • Create solid collective for program development, implementation and further support with knowledge of the requirements of the community and experience in non-profit sector
  • Formulate and transmit to the stuff and volunteers the principles of working with people
  • Organize social events in order to unite community members
  • Create and/or support existing cultural collectives
  • Implement professional and specialist clubs
  • Support information center for newcomers with attention to consulting professionals and securing essential requirement for adaptation
  • Provide the opportunity for members of Russian-speaking community to access services and support provided by Canadian organizations
  • Support information services for informing the community about cultural, social, and community events and opportunities

On-going projects

  • Community Volunteer Network
  • Community Information and Reference Centre
  • Community Multimedia Production Centre
  • The SUBCULTURE Project (Youth Involvement Project)
  • Volunteer Tax Preparation Clinics
  • Old Russian Calendar – The Dance Project
  • Culture/Tradition Appreciation Projects

Invitation to participation and partnership

Are you interested in Russian culture and traditions/ Russian community in GTA and Ontario? Are you interested in solving problems encountered by members of the community today?
Would you like to volunteer in one of our projects or during the festivals? Or would you like to join our creative and administrative team?
Russian House welcomes enthusiastic and energetic individuals to participate in one of the existing projects.
We invite organizations sharing our mission and vision to introduce their initiative to us and we will be happy to work with you in partnership