The “Russian-speaking Congress of Canada” bringing hostage children from Beslan to Canada for a few weeks of relaxation


Russian-speaking Congress of Canada



              on the Community Effort Behind the Visit children from Beslan

The Idea:

The idea of bringing hostage children from Beslan to Canada for a few weeks of relaxation belongs to the Edmonton fire fighters. Their suggestion to bring a group of children to Edmonton was warmly received by the Board of Directors of the Russian-speaking Congress of Canada, which decided to consider undertaking a similar initiative in the heart of the Russian-speaking community of Canada, the GTA.

The Chief Organizer:

Mr. Konstantin Toubis, Director of Board and Interethnic Liaison of the Russian-speaking Congress of Canada, took on the numerous challenges of this project, making it a personal mission to see it become a reality.

The Effort:

With Konstantin at the helm, key pieces began falling into place:

  • Through the generosity of the Russian national airline – Aeroflot, Konstantin was able to secure free flights for the group to and from Moscow.
  • After detailed discussions with the organizer, the North Ossetian regional government was kind enough to cover all expenses associated with the transit of children to and from Moscow, including their stay in the capital.
  • Flying to Moscow, Konstantin visited the Canadian Embassy, which was very helpful in issuing visas to the group.
  • The local Ossetian community, through its association Alanya, came onboard this project, pledging their time, efforts and funds raised in the aftermath of the tragedy, to support the visit to Toronto.
  • Graciously, Montecassino Hotel and Event Venue offered its elegant accommodations to the group free of charge.
  • And the Russian Consulate in Toronto was extremely supportive throughout the planning stages of the visit.

With numerous volunteers offering their time, kind restaurateurs sponsoring dinners and considerate venue operators opening their doors – this two-week effort is truly an example of a community and a city coming together to perform an act of generosity and kindness for innocent victims of terrorism.

This is an important trip that highlights the spirit of our community, of our city and of our country to a part of the world that needs goodwill above all.