Income tax clinic training

Volunteer Tax Preparation Clinics – 2011

The “Russian House” Community Centre is preparing for the 10th year of this successful program.  As the series gain in popularity (from the past participants’ referrals), more and more community members are in demand for these services.  Also, an ever increasing number of volunteers are offering their assistance with the program.  Although such a high demand for services exists, the community centre has recognized that it will be unable to widen the program due to deficiency in available technical support (both the number of available machines and requisite software).  As there is still two weeks until the program begins (March 2011), the volunteers along with the fundraising team at the “Russian House” have resolved to reconcile the problem.  Together the teams are soliciting donations of software programs and computer terminals, stationary and portable (as to enable mobile services for seniors facing commuting difficulties).